TISAX stands for “Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange.” It is a standardized framework and assessment process specifically designed for information security in the automotive industry. TISAX was developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) in collaboration with leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers.

TISAX aims to ensure a high level of data protection and information security within the automotive supply chain. It provides a common framework for assessing and exchanging information security assessments among participants in the industry. TISAX assessments are based on established international standards such as ISO 27001 and include various criteria related to information security, data protection, and other relevant aspects.

The TISAX assessment process involves a rigorous evaluation of an organization’s information security management system, including its policies, procedures, and technical controls. The assessment is carried out by accredited and independent assessment providers who evaluate the organization’s compliance with the TISAX requirements. Upon successful completion of the assessment, the organization receives a TISAX certificate that demonstrates its commitment to information security and data protection.

TISAX helps automotive companies streamline their information security assessments by providing a standardized and recognized framework. It promotes trust and transparency within the supply chain by ensuring that all participants meet the necessary security requirements. By exchanging TISAX assessments, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to information security and gain easier access to business partnerships and collaborations within the automotive industry..

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