What is Information Technology ?

Information Technology is a combination of both information and technology. Information technology is the use of technologies to generate, store, process, and transmit data and information. It includes hardware such as computers, servers, and storage devices, as well as software, networks, artificial intelligence and other digital tools and technologies.

Information Technology is used to support a wide range of functions from basic data processing to complex business operations such as Education, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, R&D and many Government institutions.

One can use IT for both personal as well as commercial purposes. Large companies incline towards using Information Technology to manage and innovate data according to their processes. Today, IT greatly impacts our everyday lives.

It is a common technology used by every enterprise to upscale their business skills. One can use this for both personal as well as commercial purposes. Global companies incline towards using Information Technology to manage and innovate data according to their processes. Another fine Information Technology example is flea market sellers using smartphone credit card readers to collect payments from street performers via Venmo names. Using a spreadsheet to track your monthly expenses is a fine example of using Information Technology.

Role of Information Technology

After understanding what is information technology, it is now time to understand the role of IT. The role of information technology is vast and provides a foundation for the current workforce of any organization. Starting from communications to data management, information technology plays a vital role in driving productivity to its peak.

During the last three to four decades, information technology examples have gained immense prominence and have shifted from primary functions of bookkeeping to a heavily digital business environment. Nowadays every single business communication is done via the help of the internet, digital data thereby comprises a large segment of enterprise information. The role of Information Technology and services is to provide the suitable technological platform to business, safeguard the data, reduce errors and protect the system from any form of attack.

Why do We need Information Technology ?

Information Technology plays a vital role in upscaling our professional and personal lives. It is the pinnacle of the foundation of communication, technologies, innovation, seamless sustainability, and other important aspects that helps the company to reach its full potential.

Information Technology is thereby used on a personal level to connect and communicate with other people via playing games, sharing media content, shopping, and of course, being social.

From a career perspective, Information Technology is the epitome of advancement in business and commerce. It is responsible for business operations in every industry. Information Technology has asserted its dominance everywhere in health care to food service sectors, manufacturing and sales. People rely on Information Technology to connect with others and manage information and services with utmost proficiency.

by Manoj Nair


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